Since 1821, Amherst has prepared critical and creative thinkers for lives of purpose and discovery. That tradition continues; today, academic and inclusive excellence readies our students to tackle the complex challenges of the 21st century.


We embarked on planning for the College's 200-year birthday nearly two years ago. While the Bicentennial celebration kicked off quite differently than we'd imagined, 这个网站提供了一个迷人的, physically distanced way to enjoy the Bicentennial and the history of Amherst right now. Enjoy this site as a starting point from which to explore some of Amherst's past, 今天就了解更多关于手机上买球app排行榜的信息, 看看十大手机买球软件排行榜对第三世纪的期望.


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  • 十大手机买球软件排行榜也准备好了 这个时间线的网页版本.

Note: This timeline isn’t intended to be an exhaustive list but rather a sample of Amherst events and happenings. If you are interested in learning more about Amherst’s history, please visit the 手机上买球app排行榜档案 或者探索许多信息的来源 安默斯特学院数字馆藏.

一张毕蒂·马丁在讲台上讲话的照片 手机上买球app排行榜已经在这里两百年了, 用自己的方式为自己辩护, understanding, 谈话和社区. It will continue to give students an unrivaled opportunity to absorb the ideas and the values essential not only to personal success but also to creating the world we say we want.”
— 毕蒂·马丁,手机上买球app排行榜院长


A green sweatshirt that looks like the doors of Johnson Chapel next to the doors of Johnson Chapel


为纪念, 十大手机买球软件排行榜在学院的大量档案中寻找美丽, 有趣的设计. We hope you enjoy these reimagined items and the Amherst history that inspired them.

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手机上买球app排行榜:庆祝思想、心灵和社区, 由托尼, 87年艾美奖和金球奖得主杰弗里·赖特, showcases the stories of graduates from 70 years ago until the present.

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Celebrate the Bicentennial with books and other items commemorating the first two centuries of 手机上买球app排行榜!



今年十大手机买球软件排行榜计划了一系列纪念两百周年的活动, 包括两百周年党, which provided an opportunity for our community to celebrate this historic milestone for the College!



What do the buildings at 手机上买球app排行榜 tell us about the values and visions of their creators? Follow Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic Blair Kamin ’79 as he takes us on a historical and philosophical tour of campus.

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将于2021年秋季出版 Amherst magazine, commissioned nine essays from alumni authors about the College’s influence on their lives. 时光倒流,回到争吵之后的几秒钟, 和两位教授做的古巴餐, 敬这敞开大门的国度里宝贵的一年, and more.


Read the latest Bicentennial-related news stories from around campus, 包括两百周年毕业典礼, 1896年的棒球比赛,未来的名人堂成员和选段 眼,心,心:手机上买球app排行榜200年之景.

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A wide black and white photo of hundreds of people eating under a large pent


请阅读学院1921年百年校庆背后的故事, which, at 7,000 atendees, 是阿默斯特史上最大的事件吗.



1976年的罗伯特·霍华德回顾6月22日, 1921, to a remarkable speech given at Amherst’s centennial celebration by the college’s then-president, 亚历山大Meiklejohn.


从1820年南方学院奠基开始, 度过1938年的飓风, 在1974年及以后投票支持男女同校, Amherst’s history has been marked by meeting the challenges of its time.

A black and white photo of a group of young men and one woman around a large computer

探索十大手机买球软件排行榜的档案 & Photo Sliders

Find student newspapers, audio recordings, speeches and more from our extensive archives. And look back at some of the ways the College has changed over 200 years—and some ways it’s stayed the same—with our Then & Now photos.


在庆祝十大手机买球软件排行榜的过去的同时,十大手机买球软件排行榜也要展望未来. 正如它成立之初的情况一样, Amherst’s commitments to opportunity and quality education continue to depend upon vision, curiosity, 多样性和面对不断变化的世界挑战的意愿.

A large stage in purple light with the word "promise" projected on a big screen 《承诺:阿默斯特三世纪运动

The Promise 这项运动宣扬博雅教育的持久价值. It seeks, as well, to reinvent aspects of the liberal arts to meet the needs of current and future generations of students.

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手机上买球app排行榜科学中心 校园的变化

From new building projects across campus to a Climate Action Plan that aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, see how Amherst is well-positioned to preserve liberal arts education in the 21st century and beyound.


A photo of eight squares, six with question marks in them and two with cartoon mammoths


测试一下你在手机上买球app排行榜的知识,然后找点乐子 interactive 纪念日的游戏!